Book Review: From Monk to Money Manager

This may be the best personal financial book written. It’s definitely the best personal finance book I’ve ever read. I’m a consultant CFO and the author of an accounting book, "Radically Simple Accounting". On my website I share a free reading list of nearly 100 books on money with simple reviews. 

Everyone---no matter how much they know financially---will learn something from this book; just as I did. 

I insist my 2 adult children read (or listen) to this book too, even though they are doing way better financially than I was at their age and are financially successsful by anyone's standards. We all have blind spots and more to learn. 

In a world full of money hype and distorted views, I find his explanations clear and level-headed. There were times I litterally cheered because he's so trustworthy. 

ROI stands for Return on Investment. The price of this book and time it takes to read it could help you save or make thousands of dollars—an excellent ROI. Let me know what you get out of this book?

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