Millionaire Mindset Seminar

The Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) is the self-help rich system for becoming a millionaire that I support. After reading the best-seller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Elk, the founder, I thought, "this is for real". He lists what you must be willing to do to be rich, and I could see the one thing I had not been willing to do. Later, I inadvertently discovered that T Harv Elk was anonymously donating a great deal of money to a spiritual teacher I follow. Charitable giving is absolutely part of the millionaire mindset. You can read his book from any library and attend their introductory seminar for free. At the free seminar, there will be a DJ, plus lots of handouts and prizes. Most of the seminar was content. They pay for it because they upsell you to more seminars, the real ones that will really help you get rich. And it was a super fun weekend bonding with a group of 160 like-minded local souls.  Taking three days off from work is a huge deal, but it's worth it. Money is very important.

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When you sign up for the seminar, I get a referral fee if you use my referral number, which is MMI31851. I would be so grateful to you if you do. And I will pay it forward. I'm learning from the best!