Peachtree Conversion to QuickBooks

Did a Peachtree conversion to QuickBooks this week and here is the latest gossip:

First of all, people get the "software year" and the "year of data they've entered" mixed up. You might have only entered in data for 2011, but you are using Peachtree 2012 (the software). The Peachtree 2012 is what the person doing the conversion cares about, not your tardiness.

Peachtree 2012:  If you've got your data in Peachtree 2012 software, then you'll have to send it into Intuit for conversion. You can pay or hire a Certified Pro Advisor to use his/her credit.  You must convert to a QB 2012 product, (albeit Pro, Premier, or Enterprise.)

Your New Converted QB 2012 Database: I'm very disappointing in Intuit because QB 2012 has been out for over 7 months, and your new data file will only have closing balances--one closing balance for each account---and no transactions. I don't even consider that a data conversion; more like a list conversion. Please complain to Intuit. They're a giant software company; they can certainly make their conversion software work properly as a way to earn your business. It seems as if it would be money better spent than on another TV ad. 

Peachtree 2011 or earlier:  You must convert to a QB Software Product that's the same year or more recent than the Peachtree version you're in. For example, if you're in Peachtree 2011, you can convert to QB 2011 or QB 2012. Intuit offers downloadable software to make the conversion work. Here is the link: Download the Free QB Peachtree Conversion Software.  You have to have the Peachtree software, QB Software, and special conversion software program all on the same computer! Theoretically the transactions will convert. I did this awhile back and the data converted just fine, but it was badly formatted for QuickBooks, It required so much clean-up that my favorite way to do this would be to do the conversion for historical reasons. Get your Peactree data into QB, and then create a new QB data file with all the lists to start the year fresh. What do you think?

Go Payment Merchant Processing is FREE now

Go Payment is the product name for a credit card reader that attaches to your smart phone (Apple & Android's) to swipe credit cards. The product includes the software App too. It was developed by a small business that charged for it. Intuit bought them out and is now giving it away for FREE.

If you have a merchant account---an account whereby your business can accept credit cards---use Go Payment to swipe credit cards in the field with your smart phone.
  • If you want a merchant account, please contact me. I work with a specialist who can get you setup so that you can process credit cards inside QuickBooks, which is awesome. 
  • If you have a merchant account, and are shopping for better rates, please contact me. So far, my specialist has been able to undercut everyone else's rates, to save your business money.
  •  If you don't want a merchant account, you can still use Go Payment this for the occasional credit card processing. 

 Go Payment Sign Up Link

If you have more questions, click on the above link. Have a profitable day!

Shop Locally

Shop locally is usually used in terms of farmers, but it's also appropriate for bankers.

The people at the local branch want to keep their jobs. They are more likely to give you the help you want than someone from another country, or even another state. Go to your local branch office for any problems or questions or to learn new features, such as the following:
  • Back bank statements at no charge
  • Copies of checks or deposits at no charge
  • Bank Fee reversal
  • To find out how you can reduce or stop paying bank service charges in the future?
  • Setup a new way of paying, like bill pay or an automatic check.
  • New deposit and other electronic options.
If you're a local business owner, ask for the branch manager. He or she is a good person to get to know in your community.