Radically Simple Accounting & Small Projects

After sitting at a computer for work, I love getting outdoors and doing landscaping in my free time. Mostly I am transforming my own small yard/garden but I also volunteer to improve my church and the Issaquah post office landscaping. 

After this year's Woodinville Garden Tour, I came away both disappointed enough in my own real estate/garden situation to cry at my next therapy session and inspired enough to get back to work on the yard/garden I do have to finish this summer's project. 

Every week I visit the library to pick up this week's books on hold that have finally come in. This week I am enjoying the perfect book titled, "Big Dreams, Small Garden". The book is about.... wait for it...."creating the garden you love when you can't afford the one you want". Synchronicity?

Books are important. It's important to me that I wrote a book in my area of expertise titled, "Radically Simple Accounting". Out of blue I’ll get an email from a reader about how much they appreciate my book, and how it helps them. I don’t have the budget to promote my book the way I’d like so the number of readers is small, as are my number of reviews. However, the reviews are mostly 5-star positive on the print book, 4-star positive on the audiobook. Readers say that it's a book worth reading or listening to.

It was important to me to contribute to the world of accounting just as it was important to her to contribute to the world of gardening. And I'm grateful for both. 

Is QuickBooks Desktop being Discontinued?

There is a rumor going around that QuickBooks Desktop is being discontinued. The rumor is that if you want to stay with QuickBooks you have to move to QuickBooks Online. 

This is 100% not true. QuickBooks Desktop has a huge following so you don’t have to worry about it going away. 

If you prefer QuickBooks Desktop but want remote access capability, you can get it by getting your QuickBooks hosted. To explain what hosting is, and where you can purchase that service I've included information and a link in my free white paper titled, Remote Access Options For QuickBooks

To get to the white paper, go to my website -> Public Relations -> Free Download. I’ll put a live link here: Remote Access Options for QuickBooks

I personally prefer QuickBooks Enterprise (Desktop) software but support both versions. Clients who have been with Quickbooks Desktop for years are staying with it. Newer clients to QuickBooks tend to go with QuickBooks Online so I know and support both.