QuickBooks for the Mac

QuickBooks for the Mac is excellent. If someone cannot produce financial reports for your business, "they" are the problem, not the software.  

There are some features in QuickBooks for the PC not available on the Mac version. Intuit is catching up fast on Mac features, so it's worthwhile to keep updating your Mac software. (Not true on the PC). 

Features not in QuickBooks for Mac that are in QuickBooks for Windows:
  • Business planning, expert analysis, and business optimization tools.
  • Price levels.
  • Integration with third-party applications, including Microsoft Word and ACT! - works with Entourage and a few other apps for certain functionality (like sending emails)
  • Merchant account services.
  • Multiple estimates per job (QuickBooks for Mac supports a single estimate per job).
  • Sales order and back order tracking.
  • Assembly items will be converted into non-inventory part items.
  • Budgets created without an associated account.
  • Transaction type “transfer” (will convert as journal entry).
  • Transaction type “EFP payroll” (will convert as payroll liability check).
  • Workers Comp Items.
  • Fixed Asset Items.
  • Multiple “ship to” addresses, preferred send method and payment information for Customers:Jobs.
  • Custom Fields in lists (Customers, Vendors, Employees).
  • Accountant's Copy.
  • Bill Payment Stubs.
  • Undo Last Reconciliation.
  • Multicurrency
Reports not in QuickBooks for Mac that are in QuickBooks for Windows:
The following preset reports are currently not supported by QuickBooks 2009 for Mac. You can, however, create many of these reports using the customization and filtering in QuickBooks for Mac.
  • Profit & Loss Unclassified.
  • Job Progress Invoices vs. Estimates.
  • Open Purchase Orders By Job
  • Sales Tax Revenue Summary.
  • Pending Builds.
  • Income Tax Preparation.
  • Profit & Loss Budget Performance.