Radically Simple Accounting is a Textbook

Radically Simple Accounting has been used as a textbook for awhile. Recently, it's been picked up at the university level. And not just any University, but Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Believe it or not, that is the university I attended for my freshman & sophomore year. I was an older student, turned 21 in the dorm, so I was more motivated than my classmates, studied hard, and became valedictorian my sophomore year. And now they're the first university to use my book as a textbook. It's a small world!

Northwest Enterpreneur Network (NWEN)

Last night I won this fabulous, rather large gift basket from the Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN) event, thanks to Pacific Real Estate Partners. 

NWEN supports entrepreneurs bringing new products to market. Link to Northwest Enterpreneurs Network

My father was an inventor. He worked at DuPont and invented Tyvek on their time, their dime, so no royalty checks for moi. It's a risk to take your own time to invent a product, and be willing to take it to market with your own equity. I respect anyone who's willing to take the risk.