Radio Interview with Real Money by David Holland -


I did an interview with David Holland, of Real Money.

Link to Interview

Real Money is a radio show about how money works and how to make it work for you. David & I discussed who are the players in the world of small business accounting; tax preparation considerations, and what is the job of the business owner or a privately held company in managing the various players, for a profitable dance?

Hope you enjoy!

Getting Venture Capital

Early Growth Financial Services Inc. specializes in working with clients who want or have just received Venture Capital Funding.

EGFS offers a range of service providers, including myself as the Seattle area Senior Accountant, and Larry Braden as the Seattle area CFO. Larry Braden, MBA, CPA, is a genius, and the primary reason I accepted this position. The job is quite fun. The clients have interesting problems, and they want the accounting to be perfect. I get to use all top of the line software solutions, like QuickBooks hosted Enterprise,, Expensify, and Zen Payroll. 

If your company is close to getting Venture Capital funding, or has just gotten VC funding, you won't find a better solution to your accounting, compliance, and tax needs than EGFS. Check out their blog, especially the positive review of my book.
From the blog link, it's easy to find multiple ways to contact EGFS.