My Business Model: Consultant Setup -> Bookkeeper Maintain

By popular demand, my business model has evolved to where I go to the client's first to get it setup, or fixed up, and then when the time is right, my bookkeeper replaces me to maintain the system for the client over the long term.

Clients like that their systems are setup right by an expert--me--Madeline. I ask all the right questions, bring to light all the things that they've not considered, help them streamline their systems, and mostly--create structure out of chaos.

Client's like that I've done the work to find a trustworthy bookkeeper, that their system will be maintained properly over time, and that my bookkeeper has access to me in case of questions. Once one of the bookkeepers--currently Tony or Shelly--are in place, the client has access to me for a yearly financial analysis session.

We like it internally, because I like the hard jobs, and my bookkeepers like to maintain systems that are in place, so that they can make them work well over the long term. My bookkeepers also like that I've vetted the client.

This particular client is a good photographer, so I asked him to take a couple of pictures of me and Shelly together on the day when I transferred the job to her. The transition day is the hardest day for everyone involved, but we all manage to enjoy our work anyway.