QuickBooks Online Expenses by Vendor Detail Report - How to Create

The Expenses by Vendor Detail Report is one of the most useful reports in QuickBooks desktop, but it does not exist in QB Online. In QB Desktop it's located under Financial Reports. Here is how I use it:

  1. To make sure I've posted things correctly (because any given vendor tends to offer the same functionality every time)
  2. To see if I've paid a bill (because this is the quickest way to figure that out)
  3. To see how much I've spent with a vendor for analysis purposes
  4. Sometimes, I'll filter this report for one vendor, print that report out, and show it to the vendor. so that when they see how much money I've spent with them already, they'll qualify me for a discount, no restocking fee, or some other benefit. 

QB Online does have a vendor report, but it doesn't provide me with totals for one thing. So I figured out how to get this report in QB Online. If you can get Accountant Access to QB Online, you can do it too. Here are the instructions:

Under Accountant Reports
Select Transaction Detail by Account
Customize it the following way
Rows/Columns –> Group by Vendor
Filter -> Select Distribution Account = All Expense Accounts
Change Columns -> Uncheck the following boxes: Name, Adj, Split, Balance; then Add the following: Account (I like to move Account up to the space before the Memo. I think the report looks better this way).
Header/Footer -> Report Title= Expenses by Vendor Detail