Seattle Pike's Market Food Tour Fun

We work for Show Me Seattle, which sponsors the
Seattle Pike's Market Food Tour.

So they comped us (me, Shelly, the bookkeeper, and her daughter) to go on the food tour last Saturday afternoon with ten other attendees.

We received tastings from various food vendors and restaurants---from one side of Pike's market to the other--until we were all stuffed. It's fun being a tourist in my own town. Our tour guide covered the history of Pike's market, and some philosophy too.

My favorite area was the garden. I've been to Pike's Market many times and never known there was a garden area. The garden is beautifully taken care of pro-bono. One care-taker was picking herbs. While it's strictly do not touch for visitors, one is welcome to sit there and enjoy it as long as one wants.

Shelly & I spend so much time talking about clients, it was wonderful to get to spend some social time with her, and to get to know her lovely and charming daughter. I highly recommend the Pike's Market food tour.