Madeline Bailey gains QuickBooks ProAdvisor Advanced Online Certification

As the principal of QC Computing, I've been certified in QuickBooks Online for many years now, but only recently had time to pass the ADVANCED Online Certification.
Passing this test required a broad range of advanced accounting sills and months of in-depth study on the features and capabilities of Intuit QuickBooks Online Accounting Software. It was harder than that even. I joke that clients tell me what they want. I had to figure out what the test questioner wanted all on my own.
A recent survey found that there are less than 15 Advanced Online Certified ProAdvisors in the greater Seattle area, out of about 100 total ProAdvisors of all varieties (such as consultant, bookkeeper only, tax preparer, etc.)
Advanced QB ProAdvisors Consultants are uniquely qualified to offer you great value in designing and implementing systems, customizing training to your specific needs, utilizing lesser-known program features, and thereby dramatically increasing productivity and profitability.