QuickBooks Online Simple Start Chart of Accounts Disaster

 New client with new QuickBooks Online Simple Start. His chart of accounts was a disaster, way too many accounts for starters, and the software to modify his chart of accounts to what it "should" be was horrible as well. I don't know if this is limited to Simple Start or the experience for all new customers of QuickBooks Online?

Using my accountant's access to his QuickBooks with my higher level version of QuickBooks Online I had good software to delete OVER 100 accounts.

 All the accounts they included were so ridiculous I couldn't believe it. Even Intuit Corporation does not have as large a chart of accounts as was given to this client defacto. What is the problem with the QB Online team that they would release this junk? It's like you buy a new house but first have to do dump runs before you can live there.  

Chart of accounts should be tight so your reports are understandable. If I end the year with $10 posted to one account, I don’t need that account that year.

Please read or listen to my book, “Radically Simple Accounting” for more help with your chart of accounts. I’ll also be happy to help you fix the one you have or create a new one for your new business.