An Easy Way to Tithe (Donate 10% to charity)

Fall is a great time to donate stuff to thrift stores. Charities have their highest demand for stuff before Christmas. When people get desperate they turn to crime, but first they turn to charity. So why not provide charity? Donating stuff is an easy way to tithe. 

My favorite thrift store is at the ritzy Bellevue Mall. Weblink to LifeSpring Thrift Store at the Bellevue Mall  It's an interesting concept. Take a shopping bag to the mall and drop it off. Come home with a new shopping bag.

This is the best organization with the most qualified volunteers, so more money is going to recipients. Bellevue LifeSpring has other charitable events and programs if you are interested?

They will give you a tax deduction receipt. (If you're serious about taking a non-cash tax deduction, take photo's of the stuff first.) I personally never take a deduction for the stuff I donate, but I do save the receipts in case I'm audited for all the cash I donate and claim. 

It's Feng Shui to eliminate 10% of your stuff. Your home or office will look better with less clutter. When you get rid of clutter, you accent the nice stuff (and find it!). Try having spaciousness and see how many compliments you get? I've never done a big clean out without finding something precious, so even your time won't be wasted. Plus, now you've created space for new stuff, right?