Intuit is marketing QuickBooks Online to death

Because QuickBooks accounting software has been so helpful to small business owners, sometimes people confuse that kind of helpfulness with Intuit Corp (the makers of QuickBooks) as being helpful to them. But is that true? Is Intuit helpful to you?

Intuit asks me as part of a routine survey. "Intuit cares about me as a person".  I've rated that as a 3 in the past, because I think they care that I give and make them lots of money. See how ridiculous we are? Now that I'm seeing this consciously, I'll rate this 0 in the future. Intuit cares zero for my well being. Intuit is a big corporation with shareholders who care about increasing profitability. If they can make a sale that's not in my best interest; it's still in their best interest. So don't take their advice, the advice of their sales reps, their advertisements, or their website.

I've seen an ad on TV that states, "You can trust Turbotax to get you the best return".  Is that true?

I know how to prepare a tax return, plus I know tax loopholes & strategies. Yet, my tax preparer has saved me  money every year for over 20 years. He's an expert tax preparer, who only works on taxes and with the IRS all year long. His business owns a $20K plus software package, and having done my return year after year, his software identifies all the roll-forward tricks. Turbotax with "you" driving it, cannot get you the best return. Intuit is marketing, not giving you the kind of advice someone who cared about you would give you.

Intuit Corp sales reps will "recommend" QB Online as a way to solve all kinds of problems that have nothing to do with the software. Coffee tasting bland? Switch to QuickBooks Online. Intuit is even making it harder and harder to buy the desktop software, pushing you into QB Online, which is more profitable for them. Now they have this deal where they sell you the lower priced Desktop subscription, which you have to renew year after year, or buy out the contract, so it ends up costing you way more than the stand-alone desktop product.  

Even your tax preparer/accountant may "recommend" QB Online as being an easier way to work together. Is that true? It may be true, or it may be self-serving. With QB Online your tax preparer doesn't have to see you in person.

But I'm not alone in thinking that QB Online is not in the best interest of most small business owners. About 20% of my practice is running QB Online, and in most cases, it's only in their best interest because they think it is. That's good enough for them, so it's good enough for me. 

At QC Computing, we support all QuickBooks versions. We sell trust, so you pay us to tell you what's in your best interest. Besides that, we feel as if we have a moral obligation to use our expertise to tell you what's in your best interest. Is that true?

Lots of client reviews say its true. I believe it's true because almost every week I give up some profit just to do the right thing. Why? Because life is short, the world is small, and there is more to life than profit. I'm all for profit, but how about honesty, trustworthiness, humility, respect, integrity. Those values are more dear than profit. That's what I believe is true.