QuickBooks Mac 2019

It's back! QuickBooks for Mac has a new update for 2019 (last update was for 2016 at which time Intuit announced it would never update the Mac version again so this is a happy surprise). Here are a few of the more prominent features released with this update:

iCloud Document Sharing – Convenient method for sharing QuickBooks for Mac file using iCloud sync. Modify your books on your work Mac computer then continue where you left off on your home Mac computer.
Bank and or Credit Card Reconcile Discrepancy Report – Identifies changes made to reconciled transactions (for newly created transactions, not those prior to this release).
Square Import - Importing sales data from Square via use of .csv file type.
Email Tracking – Track dates emails sent with a tab in the Vendor or Customer Centers.
Report Windows – Improved spacing and readability.
User Passwords – Now required. Personal information is encrypted.
This content is from Laura Madeira's, QuickBooks Desktop 2019: What's new and improved. For all the changes coming with various versions of QB 2019, here is the link to her Firm of the Future blog:  Laura Madeira's, QuickBooks Desktop 2019: What's New and Improved.

The picture is from Insightful Accountant. Here is the link to their article:
QuickBooks 2019 Desktop - 'Our Summary'