"wwmd" stands for "What would Madeline do?"

One of my favorite clients told me that they have a saying in their office, "wwmd". That stands for "What would Madeline do?". It's a lovely compliment, because it means that I'm adhering to standards. Accounting is all about standards.

Some people think my book is not a true accounting book, but they are mistaken. Accounting is all about standards. The Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet are the same reports no matter how difficult it is for you to learn how to generate one for your business.  Fraud is all about deviating from standards, so if you employ the "wwmd" accounting standards, you'll have a line of defense in the war against fraud. I want to make you money on the upside and downside, so you can improve your profit!

As a matter of fact, the client who made up "wwmd" acronym is taking accounting classes towards a business degree. If I wasn't answering her questions correctly, she would have figured it out by now!

Update: I thought this new client was jerking me around. He said, "are you kidding? You're the quick books Jesus". That was funny. I've been called Guru before, but Jesus is a new one. Hey, I'm happy to be of service, in my own small way.