The Winter of our Discontent

That line, "the winter of our discontent" keeps coming to me. It feels appropriate for what I expect for this coming winter. After all the stresses we've been through these last few years, businesses without good accounting may go down. Without great accounting, so much money is being lost that very few businesses can thrive, let alone survive hardships. When a business fails, it adversely affects the owner, their family, staff, vendors, customers, and the entire community. Before a new beginning, there is a "winter of our discontent". What's most important when losing financially is to hold onto your self esteem and goodness.  

For those of us who have great financial reports to review, it may be still be a difficult winter. This is the winter to invest in the improvement of your financial reports if ever there was one. 

Steinbeck used it as the title of a book I'm listening to now. The story is about a charactor who's father lost the family fortune. He is now an adult working a menial job. He's a good person with good values who's not bothered by his current financial situation. His wife and eveyrone around him are however. He gives up his integrity and plans to become a criminal to "get ahead'. Luckily, a couple of good people intervene, interupt his crime, and gift him with wealth. Their reasoning is because he's a good person. "Keep the light" is how it's worded. Most important during hardship is to "keep the light".