Go Payment Merchant Processing is FREE now

Go Payment is the product name for a credit card reader that attaches to your smart phone (Apple & Android's) to swipe credit cards. The product includes the software App too. It was developed by a small business that charged for it. Intuit bought them out and is now giving it away for FREE.

If you have a merchant account---an account whereby your business can accept credit cards---use Go Payment to swipe credit cards in the field with your smart phone.
  • If you want a merchant account, please contact me. I work with a specialist who can get you setup so that you can process credit cards inside QuickBooks, which is awesome. 
  • If you have a merchant account, and are shopping for better rates, please contact me. So far, my specialist has been able to undercut everyone else's rates, to save your business money.
  •  If you don't want a merchant account, you can still use Go Payment this for the occasional credit card processing. 

 Go Payment Sign Up Link

If you have more questions, click on the above link. Have a profitable day!


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