QuickBooks 2014 Roll-out and Improvements

Here are the noteworthy improvements to QuickBooks 2014. If you chose to upgrade, please do so via my website for a 20% discount (and free shipping if you order the CD on top of the default download option). The 2013 icons take you to 2014 software.

QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2014

Online Banking Center is renamed to Bank Feeds. The selecting of transactions to be imported, and renamed, has been streamlined for faster data entry.

Emailing customers invoices has been improved too. You can customize email templates, and add another attached document (in addition to the invoice) to your email.

There's a new ribbon banner collection screen, where it's much easier for the A/R person to do their job of managing and collecting on overdue invoices.

Something nicer for the A/P person is that if a credit is used to pay a vendor's bill, the credit will now show up on the stub.

QuickBooks Enterprise 2014

Enterprise has an important nice new job costing reports, especially the Job Work in Progress Report, used to calculate over/under billings. This report can be filtered by Salesrep or Job Status.

There's also a Committed Cost by Job Report, that includes Open purchase orders, and wages on time sheets (not burdened yet).

For manufacturers using inventory management, there are some cool new assembly features.

For distributors or light manufactures, there are new purchasing & pricing options. There always was a low reorder point, but now there is also a new top reorder point. If you run an automatic Purchase Order, it'll know how many to order for you. Of course, you can adjust that for reasons only the human mind would know. There's even an advanced Pricing Discount feature that costs $399 annually that gives Enterprise POS type features.

Mac Version

All the "improvements" on the Mac version are screen changes. I don't consider these improvements, just change. If you've had me setup your QuickBooks environment on a Mac or PC, the screen is optimized to be as fast as possible already. I'm happy to do it again.

If you do want to upgrade, please do it via my website for a 20% discount (and convenience, as it gets you there fast, plus free shipping if you order a CD on top of the download default option). The QuickBooks icons take you to the 2014 software.

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