Fiver - New Online Business is a hot new website that I've come to love. Marketing is not my cup of tea, so I came here with a long to-do list. It's really a question of being precise, because at $5 a pop, everyone is specialized. Many vendors are useless, so take advantage of my learning curve and go with these exceptional vendors: 

Beeusso, graphic designer for simple business cards, fixed the color on my business cards, and sent me the source file so that I can easily get future changes made for $10!

Socialmediamama reviewed my linked in profile and gave me 5 relevant and helpful suggestions to improve it for $5. She was spot on.

Twentytwomedia designed both a timeline graphics for my FB page, and a cover for my free Report for $10. I especially love the timeline.

Bizlogoz designed a logo for a new business. His creativity is exceptional. Plus, he gave me tons of variations, including the one I really needed but did not know enough to ask for, for $30.

ProTips fixed my Facebook page for $10. Finally! It has been a long journey to find someone who really "gets" social media.

Have you tried Fiver yet? Anyone you want to recommend?

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