Money Saving Tip When Mailing Accounting Paperwork

Flat Rate USPS Priority Box

I’ve learned a few tricks I want to share about saving money when mailing paperwork to clients.

Especially at year-end I mail paperwork often. Here are my  tricks.

First is to always use a Priority Mail Box, as pictured here. It's not only faster but safer. I've never had a Priority Mail package lost.

Next, is to save money by using the Priority Mail box that does NOT say “Flat Rate” to save money. These boxes are harder to find so when I do find them, I stock up for the year. 

Top Picture Box One: This box Priority Mail Flat Rate costs $18.40. See how it says "Flat Rate" on the box? That's your clue that you'll pay more. 

Bottom Picture Box Two. (The picture that does not exist here because I cannot find one online) Seems as if the post office seems to want to keep a secret. It is different from Box One in one important way. It does NOT say "Flat Rate". It says nothing. Look for a blank area. That means it's by weight only. By weight has never cost me or the client more than $12.80, often closer to $10. If you’re mailing accounting paperwork, use the Priority box that's by weight only to save money. 

What does this box hold for this cost difference? A whole box full of paperwork. I put the papework in  file folders, then into accordian folders, with clips...whatever it takes to make a nice presentation. And usually a sheet of bubble wrap so it doesn't slide around noisily. I want it to travel through the post office inconspiciously so it gets there safely, which is always has so far. Thanks USA Post Office ! 

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