eReader Version of Radically Simple Accounting

Radically Simple Accounting has been published as an eReader Book. The print book is highly formatted and includes sample reports, so it was quite a challenge to get this to work. Someone can chose to format an eReader book on their iPhone in a 20 character column width. My thought is "good luck with that" but I see people standing in line doing it all the time. Now they can learn accounting while they wait.

eReader books work with the Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kobo Reader. These online stores are carrying it now, or will very soon: Apple iBookstore (32 countries), Barnes & Noble, Kobo (which powers the bookstores of multiple other retailers such as FNAC in France and WH Smith in the U.K.), Sony, Baker & Taylor ( and the Axis360 library platform), and the Diesel eBook Store.

P.S. The words to the right are a 30 character column width,
Here is the link to: Radically Simple Accounting eReader book at Smashwords. One purchase there and you gain access to multiple formats. 

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