Bookstore Presentation

Last night I presented Radical Accounting ideas at New Renaissance Bookstore presentation center. Many people, including Roma and Ko, supported this event in practical ways which made me happy. I felt happy preparing the room with refreshments, as well as a table with free stuff including Intuit demo software, and vendors office supply samples. Someday Intuit will provide a demo MAC QuickBooks on CD. You have to download the demo for now.

I've been doing QuickBooks consulting for a decade and I still love it. But teaching is new and fresh. How cool is what we're doing, anyway? A group of twenty entrepreneurs, bookkeepers, CPA's, non-profit managers, and aspiring all-of-the-above, learned, shared our frustrations, networked, ate, drank, and took notes. As a result, everyone gained more control over their financial situation. Accounting classes and books are terribly boring. Talking about money isn't boring, so why should accounting be that way? I bring the joy back into radical is thatl!
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New Renaissance Bookstore carries the book, so you can get a copy NOW in Portland.

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