Intelligent new bookkeeper & Scope of work (SOW)

Join me in welcoming Denine Vajja  as a bookkeeper for QC Computing. She's skilled, intelligent and insightful. Of all the questions bookkeepers ask me, no one has ever asked me such an intelligent question.
                She wanted to know if I wrote up a formal Scope of Work (SOW) with clients and if so, what did it say?
                First of all, what is a scope of work? It's a document that outlines what the accountant will do for the client. If your accountant bills you an agreed upon rate, say $1K a monthy, they've given you a scope of work. Last time I offered a client a fixed price for the day, he kept me there for an 18 hour day! My goal is to offer that comprehensive scope of services, just not all in one day, and not at a rate where we lose money. That's why we charge hourly.

Our clients' businesses are small. By problem solving, creating organization, outsourcing payroll, engaging technology, and writing documentation I've dialed in their monthly bookkeeping so that it only takes a few hours a month. An hourly rate passes the savings onto the client. Ironically, our Scope of Work is unlimited. Denine understands that very well as she's been the one and only full time accountant for a corporation, so she can now bring that full level of service to your small business.